Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love's Lost Glance


The snail told me the story
Of love that left in a hurry.

"Did you see that?"
asked the bowl of pudding to the rat.
The Rat sneered 
as he drank his beer.

"I can't stand the feline beast,
I can't stand her in the least."
He dropped his glance
as his stare became a trance.
He did fancy the fur
that covered her.

"Still, she is quite divine
As she sips her wine.
If it were day
and I had my way,
I think I would propose
and make a friend of a foe."

Pudding, always eager to please
said with the most comfort and ease,
"But it is night,
and the mood is just right.
Why not ask her to dance?
Go on, take this chance."

The sneer came back to the rat.
"My dear friend, I could do that.
But if my belly is as empty as the cat
she might reject in order to get fat."

Pudding puzzled as she said,
"It is possible you would be left dead,
but isn't love worth the fall,
Than to have never loved at all?"

"I have a better idea in mind,"
as the rat left curiosity behind.
"Lost love may be willing
but food in the belly is more filling.
Now dear, it's time to dine
On your behalf, friend of mine."

"Oh dear," was all she said.
The pudding was soon fed
to the red beady eyes
that lurk behind the devilish disguise.
He gobbeled her up, that dirty rat.
Now his belly was full and fat.

And what became of the cat?
She simply vanished, just like that.
Night will eventually turn into day
and youth will pass away.
Maybe love will get a second chance
to look upon with first glance.

Lead with the heart and not the gut.
Keep friends and lovers close, but
I doubt the vain can do that.
That foolish rat!

Then the snail slithered away,
probably to love another day.

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